Desi Cow A2 Ghee KANGEYAM 200ml

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Since ages, we have seen our parents and grandparents talk about the benefits of having desi cow ghee in our meals on a daily basis. We have followed the tradition of eating a spoonful of ghee in lunch and in dinner as a habit that has been passed on through generations. But we tend to forget that our forefathers were consuming pure ghee and not the adulterated one. Desi Cow Ghee benefits are only attainable if Pure Desi Cow Ghee is consumed.


1. Improves Digestion
Desi Ghee is known to be one the most easily digestible dairy fat. It helps in proper digestion, preventing constipation and detoxification. Ghee contains butyric acid which nourishes the cells of the intestines. This acid also helps in reducing inflammation and improving the digestive system. Unlike butter or oil, Ghee fastens the process of digestion.

2. Weight Loss
The butyric acid which helps in digestion also helps to burn stubborn body fat thereby enhancing metabolism. Many doctors recommend desi ghee instead of butter for people with cholesterol. You can read more about ghee for weightloss here

3. Increase in Immunity
Full of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E AND K, Desi Ghee helps in strengthening immunity. These vitamins play a major role in the functioning of the heart, brain and also bone development.

4. Reducing inflammation
As per studies, butyrate enemas and oral butyrate supplements (contents in ghee) are beneficial to treat diseases which can cause inflammation in the bowels. A few examples are ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Ghee is rich in Conjugated linoleic acid, provided it is prepared from the milk of cows that are naturally grass-fed. Any other ghee which might have adulteration will not help.

5. Ghee for Lactose Intolerance
Even if you are lactose intolerant or casein intolerant, you can consume desi cow ghee without any worry. Since ghee is made from makkhan / loni, it does not have the milk solids or other impurities in it which other dairy products generally have. Also, casein (protein) is present in a really small amount in the desi ghee.

6. Best healthy fat source
Our body needs some fats to assist the brain, nerves and skin health. These healthy fats are also vital for building cell membranes and strengthening them. If the ghee has any additives or adulteration like hydrogenated oils, trans-fats or oxidized cholesterol, it won’t benefit your body the way pure desi cow ghee would.

7. Higher heating point
Many dieticians claim that ghee is really good for cooking, especially if you are frying food. This is because Ghee has a high smoke point. Other cooking oils generate toxic fumes when heated at a high temperature. But Desi Ghee does not react in the same way. Desi Ghee’s smoke point is about 500 degrees as against that of ordinary butter which is 350 degrees.

8. Treating Burns
A natural and an age-old treatment for treating burns is applying desi ghee to the burn. Desi ghee is also known to cure swelling in the body. Even for skin inflammation, ghee is recommended. In case your skin is dry, ghee works as a natural moisturizer as well.

9. Benefits for skin
Ghee works as a natural moisturizer and does wonders for dry skin. Even dry and chapped lips can be made smooth and soft by applying ghee on them. For any rash, burn or dark circles around eyes, ghee is like a miracle solution. You can read in detail about the benefits of desi cow ghee for skin and hair here

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